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Case Studies

Lantz Group has helped several business improve their operations.  Below are case studies that contain details of the problem, our approach, what we found, the strategies deployed, and the results.  As always, we'd be happy to discuss these cases with you.  You can contact us from this site or via email at
Since our work is quite detailed, we provide a summary on this site.  Please click on the PDF download button to read the full case, or to share it with your team.

Case Study - Operations Effectiveness Assessment

Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Outsourcing, Positioning for Sale

A $20M specialty chemical company was having difficulty scaling their business.  With strong product innovation and modest growth in their core business segment, continuing to manage a legacy low-margin commodity product line was a headwind on the organization – sales, customer service, operations, etc.  With ownership ultimately planning to sell the business, completely shuttering the commodity lines would have resulted in an unacceptable dilution of top line sales.

The business was fully utilizing on-site warehouse space and was forced into a costly and complex leased warehousing model.  Expanding space was not an option on the current site due to regulatory restrictions. These issues needed to be addressed prior to selling the business.

Lantz Group used data analytics and other strategies to deliver the following results -

  • right-sized inventory from $3.2M to $1.8M; reduced the number of items in inventory by 45%

  • shuttered leased warehouse space and managed all products with on-site resources

  • reduced risk of inventory write downs from obsolete materials

  • dramatically simplify production planning process - eliminated Production Planner position

  • outsourced and eventually brokered the sale of low-margin commodity product line


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Specialty Chemicals

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