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“After we spun off a segment of our company, we were left with inventory management and demand planning processes that didn’t fit our needs.  Intuitively we knew inventory was out of line with the market, but we had no idea where to start.  Steve used our business data and analytical methods to help us see the areas to target.  His analytical approach and business processes around the control of working capital, streamlining of demand management, and production scheduling drove some amazing results for our company.

He implemented an easy to understand program tailored to our unique needs.  Moving us away from a classic production scheduler approach to one driven by demand “pull” was counter-intuitive but resulted in lower manpower costs (elimination of a planner position), reduced inventory levels (by over 40%) and finished goods stocks more aligned with customer needs.

Defining and implementing clarity around Make to Stock, Make to Order and Build to Order directly led to changes in raw material procurement processes that simplified VMI and lowered component inventory.

Further analysis of our product offerings and assessment of make versus buy had a dramatic effect on operations as we outsourced production of commodity goods to China and Canada while divesting a portion of our offering.  The divesting of a commodity segment of our product portfolio netted us some revenue while improving our profitability through laser-like focus on the remaining, value added products.


I highly recommend the analysis, processes and implementation steps that Steve has developed over the years to any company looking to increase profitability, improve scalability, free up cash or even position the company for eventual sale.”


GD, General Manager

What Clients Say

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Recent Results



Savings over two years through strategic sourcing projects

Reduction in inventory division-wide over two years

Supplier reduction for specialty chemical manufacturer



Inventory Assessment & Alignment

Supply Chain Assessment & Strategy

Inventory alignment with the market is an important part of servicing your customers, maximizing the value of your business, and lowering your risk of obsolescence.

Do you consider your suppliers partners or vendors?  Do your and your suppliers' goals align?  Maximizing the value of your supply chain can bring significant value to your business through cost savings, lower inventories, and streamlined operations.

Your people are your greatest asset.  And your business processes define how your company operates.  Do you have the right people in the right positions to execute effectively?  Do you have business process guiding their activities?  Empower your organization with the the right tools and skills necessary to succeed.

Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing is strategic.  Are you challenging your suppliers to keep up with changing business climates?  Understanding and increasing your buyer power can yield tangible results to your bottom line.

Organization & Business Processes

Capital planning should be a integral part of your business strategy, especially as you grow.   Think ahead and have a solid plan before you lay out your hard-earned cash on  a capital project.  And make sure your capital plan aligns with your overall strategy.

Capital Planning & Implementation

Relocation, Expansion, Consolidation

Businesses and markets are constantly changing.  How you adapt  to those changes is vital to a successful business.  Managing major moves requires a unique set of skills and experience.

Product quality issues can take a toll on a business. Finding true root cause and implementing targeted corrective actions is the only path toward solving the problem.  Often, an outside-in approach is warranted, removing the "internal politics" from the process.

Root Cause Analysis

Every square foot of your production floor is valuable.  Good organization and smooth product flow can increase product output and efficiency, allowing you to grow while leveraging current resources.

Production Assessment & Strategy

Do you have the right products in the right quantities in the right locations to best serve your markets?   Great customer service starts with an optimized warehouse.

Warehouse Optimization

Often your logistics providers are the last touch before your products reach your customers.  Make sure you have the right partners and a smooth process guiding this important piece of your operation.

Logistics Assessment

What We Do

Lantz Group is now offering a set of packaged offerings specifically designed to fit your business strategy.  If you are considering selling your business or expecting rapid growth, there are specific actions you should take now.
These specific Operational Effectiveness Assessments target areas in your business that require attention to position your business for sale or ensure your operation can scale as you grow.
Operational Effectiveness Assessment- Positioning for Sale

The first time you think about selling your business is the time to start preparing.  Even if the event is a few years off, what you do between now and then can have a significant impact on your selling price and ability to find a buyer.

Operational Effectiveness Assessment - Rapid Growth

Is your supply chain ready?  Is your organization ready?  Do you have the right business processes in place?  Just some of the questions you need to answer before you grow.

While this is an extreme example - most businesses don't double overnight - assuming your operations will scale as you grow can lead to disaster.  If your organization is not prepared for the new level of activity, or if you don't have adequate business processes in place, you are headed for trouble.

This Operational Effectiveness Audit is designed to identify the parts of your organization that will have trouble scaling with your top line growth.  The good news.  Not everything has to scale to the same level as sales, or at the same time. This assessment will highlight when an area of your organization will max out.  We will provide a roadmap to follow as you reach certain milestones.  And in many cases, deploying proven and straightforward strategies might allow you to meet the demands of your new sales with current resources, leveraging the growth for maximum return on investment.

If you are projecting rapid growth in your organization, let's talk about what you can do now to gain the most competitive advantage.  Contact us or give us a call.

“Our company was facing significant capacity constraints with a changing business environment.  Blending capacity was not adequate to keep up with the changing demand and support our packaging lines.  Steve reviewed the situation and crunched production data.  He proposed an innovative solution for a semi-finished goods supermarket for bulk material, use of concentrate dilutions, and a simple bulk filling line to dramatically reduce demand on our blending operation.  Instead of investing in a disruptive mid-six figure capital project requiring a larger workforce, Steve’s solution has allowed us to support the growth in the market with our current resources.”


Operations Manager

Above market business growth requires a good strategy, discipline, and a lot of hard work.  Most growth strategies focus on top line.  After all, that's what growth is.  And while top line growth is difficult to achieve, it's the easiest to scale.  You bid on a contract, move to the best and final round, then get the email or call that you've won the business.  Congratulations!

After celebrating with your team over a nice dinner, it's time to get to work.  But are you prepared?   The new contract has doubled your business overnight.  Double the sales, yes. But also double the production.  Double the spend.  Double the receipts.  Double the shipments.

Your strategic decisions need to reflect your eventual goals. If you  are considering a sale, there are specific strategies you should deploy now to maximize your return.  This Operational Effectiveness Assessment targets the areas of your business that require special attention in this circumstance.  While you continue to manage your business and follow your growth strategy, how you position your organizational structure, manage your capital expenditures, and control your inventory has a significant impact when you go to sell your business.

By implementing these strategies ahead of the sales process, your business will attract a larger pool of buyers.  And a large pool of potential buyers will maximize your sales multiple.

If you're considering selling your business and want to talk about maximizing your return, contact us or give us a call. 

“... Further analysis of our product offerings and assessment of make versus buy had a dramatic effect on operations as we outsourced production of commodity goods to China and Canada while divesting a portion of our offering.  The divesting of a commodity segment of our product portfolio netted us some revenue while improving our profitability through laser-like focus on the remaining, value added products."

General Manager

Packaged Offerings

What does your business need?

We are dedicated to bringing targeted solutions to your business. We use your business data and proven analytics to uncover opportunities to enhance working capital, strengthen supply chains, and simplify business processes.

We understand that your business is unique.  Your organization is unique.  Your goals are unique. We don't provide a one-size-fits-all list of best business practices. We leverage your data and our experience to target opportunities that deliver the most value.

Lantz Group will deploy a series of proven strategies aligned with your business objectives. The same strategies successfully used in our own businesses.

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