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Lantz Group is an independent consulting firm delivering solutions to small and middle-market businesses in manufacturing and adjacent industries.  We work with clients in a variety of situations to develop and execute growth strategies, overcome challenges, or work through major transitions.

We are
committed to serving our clients through direct engagement with our experienced principals.  Let us bring our experience and passion to deliver results to your business.


Lantz Group helps our clients develop strategic plans and bring focus and alignment to their businesses.  We identify segments and growth levers to support your high-level objectives.


Operational effectiveness is about execution - guiding the activities in your business.  Lantz Group supports our clients by developing and implementing business processes suited specifically for your business.


Supporting a strategic plan and achieving Operational Excellence requires a focused organization with each person understanding their role in your business' success.  Let us guide you through our proven Organizational Clean Sheet Framework.

business transitions 

Lantz Group supports our clients through major transitions.  Whether you are selling your company or the next generation of leadership is taking the helm, we understand the critical factors involved to support a smooth transition.

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